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Project type

2D and 3D


October 2023



To create a 2D and 3D object linking to the word vessel

Tatting is a recent interest of mine, which allows to create some quite intricate designs through the creation of loops. The technique itself goes back thousands of years where fishermen used tatting to make fishing nets. It was not until the early 19th century that it was picked up as a household craft was it used to make lace for things such as doyleys and edging. Tatting has become much less common in the last couple of decades, and I find out sad that arts such as tatting that were once common knowledge has almost become forgotten.

The style it creates is unique so to help bring this art back in a new form was interesting to explore it in 2D through the use of screen printing and 3D through the use of press forming.

In this project I also focused alot on materiality by investigating how different glazing pigments effect special fleck and white stoneware in different ways.

Pictures that Inspired Me in the HS2 Project

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